Aidan Jones is a researcher, developer, and creator.

Aidan is a junior web developer at Unified Districts. He specializes in developing eCommerce solutions on WordPress and Shopify platforms. They specialize in accessibility and site performance to ensure that the greatest number of people can access content as quickly as possible.

In the research sphere, Jones specializes in gender and masculinities. He graduated summa cum laude from Chapman University with a B.A. in sociology. Completing a minor in music and being a member of the University Honors program also led him to place third in humanities at the National Collegiate Honors Conference for the project he co-authored Stereotypical Symphonies: An Analysis of Stereotypes in Disney Soundtracks. He was the co-chair of Chapman’s Sociology Club and vice-president of Chapman’s chapter of the sociology honors society Alpha Kappa Delta. He finished presenting his undergraduate thesis, Dating Soyboys: Women’s View of Veg* Men in Romantic Relationships, in 2019 at conferences around the world.

Aidan enjoys working on projects in the digital realm with his spare time. They like to combine their interests, resulting in projects like algorithmically generated typing exercise poetry and a video series that explores topics relating to gender, music, and society.